Mini Drill Rig

Peter Drilling & Contracting can get it done.

 Peter Drilling & Contracting has custom built narrow access, mini-drill rigs for interior, exterior and hillside drilling. 

Our track mounted hillside rig is hydraulic controlled, making drilling on uneven surfaces smooth and efficient. Maneuvering into narrow areas is no problem for this 4’0" wide drill rig, which is capable of drilling holes up to 30 inch+ diameter. This rig will operate on flat ground as well as on slopes up to 45 degrees. It is also equipped to down-hole sample using a standard 140 pound drop hammer, and aluminum down-hole cage for geotechnical logging of borings.

Additionally, Peter Drilling and Contracting has production rigs for larger projects.  See our drilling Equipment Specifications for more information. 

Drilling Services & Caisson Installation

  • Soil Sampling
  • Caissons
  • Belled Caissons
  • Hillside Services
  • Mini-drill rigs/Narrow Access
  • Welding & Casing Capabilities
  • Small Carry-in Rig for hard to reach holes.
  • Shoring Systems
  • Tiebacks
  • Emergency Drilling & Underpinning
  • Soldier piles
  • Production rigs
    • Lodril LM60
    • Spiradrill