Specialty Drilling & Construction

Serving Southern California since 1977

Specialty Drilling & Construction

Serving Southern California since 1977

What we do

Caisson Drilling & Installation

Caissons & Foundation Laguna Beach

Peter Drilling & Contracting can meet your projects drilling needs using one of our customized drill rigs. When access is easier, our track mounted drill rigs are capable of holes from 18 inch up to 60+ inch diameter.

Retaining Walls

Hillside repair and retaining wall - San Clemente

 The Peter Drilling & Contracting team can install any size, cast-in-place concrete, custom block or soldier pile/shotcrete retaining walls to meet your needs. 

Foundations & Specialty Drilling


 Peter Drilling & Contracting offers specialty drilling services. When your project requirements dictate narrow or tight access (30 inches), or low overhead clearance, PD & C can meet your needs using one of our customized mini drill rigs. 

Shoring & Water Proofing

Shoring, permanent and temporary, waterproofing

For new projects Peter Drilling & Contracting can install various types of waterproofing systems including, sheet paneling, roll-on applications, or bentonite panel systems. 

Hillside Stablization

Hillside repair & stabilization with caissons & retaining wall - San Clemente, Orange County

Let Peter Drilling & Contracting help you with over 35 years of experience with hillside repair and stabilization.

Construction & V Ditch Repairs

Catch basin and V-ditch repairs and installation

Our construction team specializes in caisson and foundation installation as well as V ditch and catch basin repairs. Contact us today to see how we can meet your project goals.

About Us

Who We Are

Peter Drilling & Contracting was founded in 1977 by Philip Peter, former City Engineer of San Clemente, and son David Peter to meet the growing demand for quality drilling services as well as offering complete caisson and foundation installation. Peter Drilling & Contracting is located in Orange County and serves LA County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. We specialize in providing full construction services including installation of caissons, soldier pile walls, tiebacks, foundations, retaining walls, water-proofing, temporary or permanent shoring, in addition to our custom drilling services . 

Why Choose Us?

Peter Drilling & Contracting’s team is able to meet the needs of residential, commercial and city projects, offering caisson drilling and installation, as well as full construction services.  Owned and operated by brothers Dave and Bruce Peter, every project is given personal attention for quality control and outstanding customer service. 

CA Lic #752595

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