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Retaining Walls & WATERPROOFING

Retaining wall installation to stablize bluff
Landslide repair in Southern California.  Repaired bluff and re-built back yard.  Installed new retaining wall with caissons for stablization.

Retaining wall with caissons 
Completed retaining wall as seen from beach below bluff, installed by Peter Drilling & Contracting.
Peter Drilling & Contracting can install any size, cast-in-place concrete, custom block or soldier pile/shotcrete retaining walls to meet your projects needs.  Let our years of experience help you with new construction, hillside stabliztion or landslide repair.

For new projects Peter Drilling & Contracting can install various types of waterproofing systems including, sheet paneling, roll-on applications, or bentonite panel systems.  Peter Drilling & Contracting also specializes in retrofitting existing projects that have failed, with new and improved waterproofing and sub drain systems, including shoring and designing capabilities, to allow installations.
Existing slope was removed and a new shotcrete retaining wall was installed by Peter Drilling & Contracting  to create additional parking for a commercial site.

Retaining wall for custom home 
Retaining wall for custom home site in Laguna Beach, California.

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