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LowDrill Production Rig
Narrow access drill rig    

Drilling Equipment & Specifications

Tes Car Drill Rig
Drill Rig Specifications:

Narrow Access Drill  Rig:
Self powered - 3’ wide x 9’ long, under 8’ (ft) clearance - 28’ (ft) Kelly bar system + stemming or 40'(ft) Kelly + stemming to needed depth.
Geotechnical testing and downhole logging capabilities.

Mini Drill Rig 2: Remote Power pack- 30" wide x 5’ (ft) long, under 7’ clearance – 28(ft)’ Kelly bar system or 40’ (ft) to needed depth.

Lowdril LM60: Mounted on a Cat. 315BL production rig, 60’ (ft) heavy duty Kelly bar & 85’ (ft) light

SpiraDrill: Track Mounted production rig with 85’ (ft) Kelly bar. 

Hillside Drill Rig: 48" wide with/ 54"blade- 14’ (ft) long Can Operate on a 1:1 slope.  40’ (ft) Kelly bar + stems to 100’ (ft) depth.   Geotechnical testing and down-hole logging capabilities.

Tes Car Drill Rig: 48" wide x 13’ (ft) long- less than 7’ (ft) cleanse 50’ (ft) depth.

Tieback Drill  Rails: 4" up to 12" holes to a 100’ (ft) - Portable rails for tight access, scaffolding and bluff situations.

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