Over 30 years of construction expertise

Foundations  instalation & Repair

Let Peter Drilling & Contracting's experience work for you installing new foundations, caissons, tiebacks, anchor systems, soldier pile and shotcrete walls, permanent and temporary shoring.

PETER Drillings custom built hillside rig    
Peter Drilling & Contracting also specializes in  foundation stabilization and repair for distressed properties.  Interior and limited access drilling and shoring projects are no problem.

Installing caisson through roof of home.  
Installing caisson through roof of home to stabilize
and level a foundation that was compromised by hillside movement.
Foundation & retaining walls for custom home
Installing new foundation and retaining walls for custom home on hillside in Laguna Beach, California.
Tieback installation through caisson
Tiebacks being installed through a caisson by PETER Drilling & Contracting.  

Laying out steel for new retaining wall and foundation.

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